What does he want from her?

My friend met this guy online, they went on a date a few days ago and are planning on meeting again soon. He is 19 and she is 17. the guy has a VERY troubled past. (he moved a lot, lives on his own, his parents are far away...)

She is a virgin, he is not, he drinks and parties, she doesn't...

I'm just a bit worried that they are moving too fast, they kissed the first time they met each other, she is pretty I think, but not drop dead gorgeous.

Am I over reacting or should I be worried?


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  • Of course you have a reason to be worried. He;s the kind of guy that gives all guys bad names. If he treats her bad, uses her and dumps her, she'll be messed up for years. Try to keep her level headed and have her spend some time with you, away from him. He just wants to get laid.

    • thanks for your answer :) the thing is he acts really nice and sweet (it's almost a bit too much) but their relationship is moving very fast and I still can't get rid of the feeling that he just wants to get laid... she really likes him and would be devastated if she found out he only used her...

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