What would you think if a girl saw you and asked if she could kiss you?

She eyeballs you from afar and thinks you're so cute and kissable.

She hasn't been kissed in awhile and just gets the urge.

Just a small, soft kiss...then she walks away.

What if this happened to you? What would you do or say?


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  • I've had a situation like this actually happen before. She looked clean and attractive, so we pecked on the lips, then she walked away.

    I was quite confused to be honest with you. Yes, I kissed a cute girl at a college party. Awesome. But her nonchalant attitude about was kinda "wtf".


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  • Are you asking this of men only? I like to think that I wouldn't mind it, though I would likely be confused. It also depends on if the girl looks healthy or clean to me. I would be wary of a kiss on the lips.

    A lot of girls I know get very... friendly with each other in public places, so if one of them asked me, I wouldn't be as surprised as if it were a random girl, given the open nature of my friends.

    • Yes, men. Thank you. ;)

  • If I already knew her and we were friends I would love it.

    If it was just some girl I wasn't very close to, I would say she's not my type of girl


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