Why would you NOT mention you had a boyfriend?

Why would a girl neglect to mention she has a boyfriend if asked out by someone who's been flirting with her for awhile?


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  • If you actually asked her out and she still didn't mention it, she was considering you for something. It depends on her personality what that is, but obviously she is not really someone you would want to date anyway. The men/women that I know that do that want to keep their options open or have flings with the opposite gender. She is obviously not "committed" totally with her boyfriend even if he does not know that. Sad for both of you. I lose respect for those people, unless you are truly willing to keep up the chase, which some will, regardless, of the situation.

    • Well she is still young enough to where the guys she would be dating could be boys or men. I'm pretty confident she's been dating boys, whereas I am a man. I'm sure you know the difference between the two. I'm hoping she realizes that dating boys is a waste of time and it's time for a change.

      Also, clarifying my distinction between boys and men; boys don't know what they want, don't have a plan, don't "get" the real world. Men have been beaten up by the real world and have survived.

    • Um, yes, but thanks for trying to clear that up in case I did not know. ;) It sounds like you are really into her, so if that is what you want and you are willing to wait for her to leave the current relationship, then good luck. I am different, I would move on to someone who is already a "man" instead of waiting for him to grow up and see me as the "right woman". Love wants what it wants.

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  • The simple answer is You Didn't Ask. I know it's silly, but she may have a good reason for not revealing that information (like the other responders say).

    • She has had more than a few opportunities to reveal that information or use it as a deflection. She has done neither.

  • She's probably not happy in her relationship. Maybe she's bored and looking for something more exciting. I have a boyfriend, but, when I go out with my girlfriends, I love talking to other guys. I would never take it past the "talking" but new people to flirt with is always innocently fun.

    • I don't consider flirting as innocent fun, checking out yes, but... nothing more!

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