How do I get the ladies to talk to me now or even to go out with me?

How do I get the lades to talk to me now or even to go out with me. I am 19 living on my own working at a engine shop full time my older sister killed her self in a car crash high on pot .she had 2 kids a 6 month old girl and a 7 year old boy they had no place to go so I took them. I don't go out much any more my friends don't hang with me and girls won't talk or even give me the time of day .what can I do


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  • well its not because of the kids you're not getting the time of day, are you going for people in your reach? being confident? nice? funny? respectful? and also I think its good you're not going out to meet girls, you need a quality girl especially since she needs to understand and respect the kid situation. I would say maybe a dating website or maybe speed dating? gym? library? coffee shop? anywhere that yall might share some interest.

    i realize this is your business but thought I'd put it out there, you might be too busy for someone with a 6 month old and 7 year that may be why you get numbers and not many come through.

    i'm not sure you gave enough information though. the kids aren't hindering you that's for sure, you need a quality girl and those take a little more effort than walking into a bar and taking the girl home. I'm not sure what you're problem is because the kids aren't it and I think you're trying to attribute it to them, but I feel its more than likely your approach...not trying to be mean just what I see


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  • I am sorry to hear that. It seems to be quite common these days.

    Sorry to be harsh, but welcome to the life of a single mom. We go through these things as well.. not as popular due to having to dedicate our lives to our child/ren.

    You have to think like a single parent now, it is different. What is your goal? Do you just want to get out or get out for some alone time? Do you want a relationship or just people to socialize with? The fact of the matter is that a lot of poeple do not want to connect with a young person who has so much on their plate already, they want to create their own buffet, so to speak, so never take it personally.

    Your lifestyle and your friends will all change. Try to meet up with a group that has lost in the same manner, single parents. Make friends with caring females who respect what you are doing.

    Try to have patience and keep pushing forward and it will get better and is rewarding at times.

  • Its a lot easier for a guy to get dates with kids, than it is for a woman. I think you should just be who you are and she will come to you. Just give it time. Good luck.


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