Guys; would you find this weird?

say you were good friends with a girl. well, I guess you all have your own definition of good friend. but youve been talking to her almost on a daily basis for at least 6 or 7 months . so you talk about lots of things, your girlfriend, and your daily activities. she's also available if you need to talk about your ex( which you have before) and you have told her you care about her. and you willingly also put yourself in a very awkward position to hang out with her for five hours even if it was very uncomfortalbe for you. but you did it anyways because you wanted to hang out with her.

you're just strictly friends. that's it. so, would you find it weird if you were texting one day and instead of the traditonal "whats up" she would say " what's cooking good looking". would that like weird you out or make you feel uncomfortable? just wondering. and if it would, any other clever ideas to say what's up instead of "whats up"

thanks :)


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  • Nothing wrong with mixing things up a little. I wouldn't find it weird.

  • No, because that line is so lame and cheesy. I would just laugh.

    • haha I know its awful. but I'm tired of always saying what's up

    • As long as you know that it's good. It can be kinda serious but mostly joking. If someone said that and was serious I would think they're really lame.

    • nono. id be kidding

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