How do I get a guy to like me?

Okay so imma make this short and sweet... I'm shy but I do have a decent amount of confidence... I'm pretty smart and I guess I'm somewhat attractive...But guys don't even give me a second look... What do you think I should do?


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  • Use that confidence to your advantage and make boys notice you ;)

    If you're a confident person, it should be portrayed in the way that you walk and carry yourself. Yeah it sounds cheesy but just think of those cliche high school movies and the way that the girl's carry themselves to make themselves noticed.

    However not all girls are like that, and if you're smart, I'd say use that to your advantage as well, if you like a guy, or think he's cute, don't be afraid to find a comfortable setting or scenario to just approach him and don't be afraid to flirt.

    Because your question is pretty vague and there's so much I can go into detail with, I'll choose not to, but if you have further questions, don't be afraid to ask.