Does a kiss on the forehead mean that a boy likes you?

The boy that I have been texting for a month kissed me on the forehead. I really like him and I hope he likes me back.


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  • Depends on when he did it..

    If he did it randomly in a school hallway and he did it because your sad and he wants you to feel better.. It could mean anything..

    If you just finnished your 2-4th date.. And he's had his arm around you most of the night..Then ya a kiss on the forhead is him wanting to kiss you on the lips. Its only one or 2 steps off.. He really likes you..

    Ive kissed a girl on the forhead for the 2nd reason befor.. And my friends do it all the time for the first reason.

    So what happened? Did he want to kiss you on the lips?

    And I'm asuming you like him?

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    • Even if its just on the head?

    • Yeah because guys hardly ever express themselves so the smallest thing makes us happy.

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  • Ya I'm with them it depends on the situation in which he did it.

    It could mean anything without details

  • Honestly a kiss on the forehead is more I like you are a friend, maybe like a younger sister. Not so much romantically. But that is just me.

    • Depends on whens and weres really. What if it was there first kiss.. But he chickened out so he whent for the forehead? Or she said no to the lips? It could still be anything without knowing what happened

    • That's true

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  • It could or not. It depends on the situation. But it means that he cares for u. And like u

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