Why do I feel miserable when she does not call me or text me ?

Whenever my date does not text or call me I feel kinda stressed and sad. Why is that ? Do I think too much about her ?

Is it normal or is it just me ?


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  • That sounds like a normal reaction. How long have you been dating her? At least in the early days, many women don't call or text the guy; they hang back and wait to see if he will ask them out again. That behavior doesn't indicate a lack of interest; only when she turns you down for a date or refuses to return your calls can you be assured that there's a genuine lack of interest on her part.

    If this woman is occupying too many of your brain waves, you need to get out there and do more with your life, whatever you can manage -- more social activities, date more women, etc.

    • Well. I went out in a first date with her at her house on Sunday. We talked for about 1.5 hours Then yesterday night I called her and we talked about random stuff for a good 40 minutes. But our call got disconnected and I expected her to call me back, the way other girl did 2 months ago. :-/

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  • How often do you two talk? How often are you expecting to hear from her? How often do you text or call her? When I like someone that I know likes me, I like to talk to them often. If I don't hear from them for a while, I tend to worry that maybe they lost interest. But that is not always the case. He may be busy or is waiting to hear from me. I prefer him to make the first contact because I don't want to seem needy or "obsessed" if you will. I wouldn't blow her phone up, but send a message or two but no more. And if you do not hear back from her, don't sweat it. She may just be busy or is taking it slow. Like that guy said, continue to live your life and see other girls.

  • I'm going through this right now. The guy I'm interested in has been texting me a lot recently ... last week he was blowing up my phone trying to get me to hang out. We saw each other Fri (date) and hung out Sat / Sun... and now I haven't heard from him since then. It's really upsetting me because I feel like I've been rejected and I'm totally going crazy over analyzing what is wrong or if he's lost interest in me suddenly. But, I refuse to text him because I don't want him thinking I'm obsessing over him and restricting his freedom. It's the worst feeling ever... I totally feel you.


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  • A word "miserable" is overreaction, a more proper expression is "irritated"

    And yeah that's normal. There are chances you're being a victim to her no-contact game, she wants you to chase her!

    • How can you say that she wants me to chase her ? She could be even not interested in me any more. :-( How do I find that out ?

    • You can't! Even if she wants you to chase her that means she wants you to chase her instead of she wants you, do you know what I mean? It boosts her ego if someone chases her, no matter who!

      I advice stick to 3:1 ratio! If after your 3th message; 3th call; or a message and a second call she doesn't reply, leave it be! Exceeding 3:1 ratio will make you look desperate. If she won't answer as you've reached that point no matter the reason, end it.