Is she playing hard to get?

OK, so I got this girl's number at lunch today. She seemed very interested in me, her body language was a dead giveaway. Anyway, I texted her and she took 6 hours to respond, only responding at 7PM. She said "Sorry, I had a long late class." I replied "Wow, do you always have late classes?" She said "I can't answer that now. I have to do homework ASAP!" I just found that odd because it was a simple question and would probably take as long to reply as her previous reply. I guess I'm just curious if she's playing hard to get. She seemed really interested when I was talking to her at lunch.

And if she is, what should I do? I've never had a girl play hard to get with me before and, quite frankly, I don't enjoy game playing.


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  • Maybe she was just stressed out and busy. Wait for her to text you next time. Turn the tables hey.

  • maybe she said that because she wanted to get her homework done and then that would leave her time to ACTUALLY talk to you and set up plans, maybe she was just busy, could still mean she wanted to talk to you though ;) answer mine?

    • Maybe. I've just had a lot of letdowns with girls and kinda like her, so I don't want another one :/

      Do you have a link? Your profile is private.

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    • hoping for the best for you! maybe take a look at my question?

    • Thanks! Yeah, I answered it.

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