Is waiting for him to message me first...playing games with him?

I don't play games with guys. I am too paranoid to take those kinds of risks. But I also don't really know what constitutes for playing games...

I message him first usually. Once in awhile he messages me first. Today, I messaged him but he seemed busy so not much messaging took place. But he still kept up with me in the conversation.

Later in the day, I saw him online again, but I didn't want to bother him. So I didn't message him...

but then he logged off without messaging me at all.

and I feel like I did something wrong. Maybe he was too busy to talk... or maybe something else (I don't know.)

But does that count as playing games with him? It wasn't my intention: I was just trying to be considerate.


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  • calm down.. your thinking to much..

    • got it. thanks. I do that a lot.

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  • Your over thinking this lol...

  • Analysis Paralysis girl.


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