If he never texts you first does this mean he's seriously not into you?

So I like this young fello. We've only ever met a few times and by accident. But he will always request that I text him first. And I will do...but he never ever gives me a text first. And if he does its when he knows I'm around or available to meet. But any other time he will never text me first. So confused :'( haha...help?


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  • I've asked a simalar question one here and a few guys responded to yes, its OK for girls to text first. usually guys like it if they text them, but I'm still convinced otherwise. I feel like guys need to do the chasing and I feel like if I text them to much, I'll end up annoying them, so usually I'll try and be patient and wait for them. but every time I've text a guy first, I all most always got a response right away. I would say give it some more time and just see how it goes.


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