Would you date your friend's ex?

My friend says her ex likes me and she wants me to date him.

I won't but I was just wondering what everyone's opion on this is.

She REALLY wants me to date him.


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  • NO, don't sh** where you eat. Even if your girlfriend doesn't mind, there are just too many other men out there to choose from than to resort to dating her former boyfriend (or to be more cruel, her sloppy seconds). I'm sure he's a nice guy, but assuming your girlfriend is one you'd like to keep as a friend, don't jeopardize your friendship over a man...even if she says it's okay. You never know what she may be REALLY thinking...or how she may REALLY feel about her former bf...or if she may one day want him back after she realizes how good he looks when he's with you...stay clear of that mess. By the way, I think it's kind of weird that she's pushing him on you like that. If he's so great, why doesn't she want him anymore?

    • She says she thinks we'd look good together, but I agree completly it's really weird and I wouldn't be up for it and it doesn't make sense she wants me to date her ex.

    • Go with your gut girl, it's usually never wrong! Good luck.

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  • That would be...awkward. I wouldn't even if she was over him. The thought of my friend once sleeping with or kissing my boyfriend is some what disturbing..

  • If it was a long time ago, they really were done and had no issues, and she pushed me to it, I might. But it would possibly make me feel a bit unsure at first.