How does he feel about me?

I've been close to this guy for 7 almost 8 months now. He trusts me. He freaking CRIED in front of me and spilled his emotions out to me. He kisses me sometimes and we do have sex. Only when he wants to though which is totally not fair. He trusts me with his daughter. Like tomorrow I'm going over to his place and I'm going to spend the weekend there taking care of his daughter while he's at work. He said he loved me like 5 months ago and has repeated it frequently. He always walks me home and holds my hand and kisses me on the neck/cheek area all the time. He's always comfortable around me and he calls me every day, just about, when he's at work just to see how I am. He's offering $50 for me to get my licence plus gas money to get me and him back and forth to work.

I say stuff that is on my mind and he shoves it off. He parties with other women and lies to me about it. He could've had sex with one of my friends while me and him were having sex (not saying she's not clean I just was pissed because he could've gaven me something!).

He knows I love him and I believe he loves me too. He just won't do anything about it.

I'm going crazy and I have other men that want to meet me and get to know me but I'm not sure what to do. I can't get him out of my head he's all I think about every day.

Please help me!


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  • sounds like a personal problem. lol sounds really strange also. yet it sounds like every other man in America, I'm a man lol

    • lol well I'm confused about his reactions to the things I do. seems wierd

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