She flirts with me so why won't she hang out?

This girl and I met about a week ago. We've been texting and she's been really flirty. She makes jokes about stalking me and she's always really quick to respond to a message. I asked her if she wanted to go out Friday and we joked about it for a good hour until finally she said "We'll see, no promises" she also was feeling sick. I text her to see how she's feeling the next day and she says better. No mention of Friday. She'd hinted she wanted me to come take care of her the night before so I ask if she wants me to hang out with her and watch tv. She says she doesn't feel like hanging out tonight but that she appreciates the offer. Up until that point I hadn't really done anything overtly nice, mostly I just tease her. So today she's silent and in my estimation she's given me one no and one maybe so I purposefully didn't message her all day. Should I message her tomorrow or continue remaining silent?


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  • Well to being, flirting is a skill. If she doesn't use it, she'll loose it.

    I'm thinking there's another guy that could possibly be in the picture. Friday & Saturday nights are reserved for the foxy men, at least in my book. You gotta figure out why she's hushing up so conveniently on the weekend.

  • Remain silent. I could be wrong..sounds like she likes the attention. If you play it cool see how she reacts... One no and one maybe. Eh. You want the yes.

    • On the off chance she does contact me should I say yes or tease her that I've made other plans?

    • Sorry I took so long to reply...Has she contacted you?

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