Now I like very much like her sister?

well I liked and I loved once this girl ,i knew her personally ,but she lived like 230 km away ,so during that ,we had lesser conversations and no sms ,so I and she thought that it was the end for our relationship and she loved another person and then I asked her ,if she has another person in her life and she said no ,and then I discovered that she was lying and she loved another

the above story was just an introduction

now I like verrrrrrry much like her sister ,and may be huge crush on her and she too likes me a lot should I do anything about it or is it against the rules ? please tell me people


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  • It's going to be awkward since you've dated this girl's sister but if the three of you are comfortable with that fact, it shouldn't be a problem.

    • what bothers me is not the sister herself ,i mean what would her parents think thanks dude

    • Haha! I've also wondered this as well. I'm not sure what the parents would think. They'd have to worry about the same guy dating both of their daughters, lol. Perhaps, we should as someone who is a parent and what they would think of the situation?