Hookup confusing-ness?

Made out with this guy, had sex a week later, didn't talk besides "hi" in passing.

I saw him Wednesday night and decided to go ask him to dance. He stopped after a bit of dancing and hugged me and said something about respecting me and something else that I couldn't understand. I thought he was rejecting me, and I was like "ummm... can't hear you... okay... umm..." and I ended up just going back to the group of girls I went out with.

I felt really weird so I texted him afterward "Hey, sorry for awkwardness, I really couldn't hear anything you were saying." He texted back the next morning, "no worries." I wasn't really satisfied with that as an answer, and after some persuasion from friends, I replied "wait, actually, what did you say?" He didn't reply til today (a day later), and he just said "I said I want to keep being friends."

I don't know if this is definitely a rejection of if I should reply for more clarification? I mean, considering we weren't really friends to begin with, does this mean, "I don't want to hook up with you again" or does it mean "I actually want to be friends."



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  • u should take it as a rejection and move on. if it wasn't a rejection then he'll come running back to u.


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  • That is definitely rejection, you had sex and he's saying, I don't want to be together. Can you answer mine? link

  • Knowing guy speak, it means "I won't do public occasions with you, but I want to keep the social bond between us so we can hook up again when I get horny." Guys aren't friends with girls, in the real way. They might text, occasionally call or hang out with girls who might offer them some ass, though.