I have no confidence with girls anymore!

Before I dated my ex-girlfriend, I guess you can say I was ladies man, I had no problem talking to girls at all. A year later and now that me and my ex aren't dating anymore, I feel like I have no confidence now. every time I see a cute girl I have hard time approaching her, I starts to doubt myself and I end up not talking her. I just want to know if anyone else has gone through the same thing and how they went through it.


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  • when I'm really down about a relationship ending I tend to sulk for a little while.. then I talk to some close friends.. friends always have pulled me out and brought me to the light again.. either friends or a close sibling in my case, give the best advice for moving on. I just tell them I feel like sh** and I give a short explanation of what happened and they tell me how awesome I am, just give me compliments basically.. and I know I can trust their word because we're close and I can believe them... so if I were you I'd talk to a close friend and they can give you a huge confidence boost just by complimenting you or by hanging out with u.. u'll feel much better!


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