Wondering if it would be creepy if I messaged him?

There's this guy I realllyyy like, I know he liked me too, not too sure if he still does. Barely see him and it's awkward between us. But we've spoken a few times online and yeah.. Anyways, had a horrible dream of him last night.. Nd was wondering if it would be creepy if I

messaged him saying 'i had the worst dream about you last night :( ' .. Creepy? Or how else could he take it in ? Anyone?


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  • Depends on the details of the dream.. And if your still friends..


    "i dreamed you died last night.."

    Compared to..

    "i had a dream last night it was crazy you died I was so sad.. Your OK right?"

    In this case showing you care more about him then the dream..

    Id say that's ok

    • Hahaa well he didn't die in it :/ but yeh I guess I could use that, show him I care and what not! Haha thx

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  • yepp!

    say the opposite lol

    you had the best dream ever ^^

    • Aww I wish I could say that.. But I'm too shy to say smthing like that :o

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  • that could seem a little creepy, especially since you said if you barley seem him and its awkward between you two.

    • Yes yes, the awkwardness is the worst, I think it's getting better now though, well I'm trying hahaha

    • Well that's good its getting better!

  • omigod...PLEASE do NOT do that!

    veryyyy creepy!

    • Hahaa I figured! LOL good thing I asked on here first!