I think I might be done with looking for a serious relationship?

Seriously. I either have really bad luck or I'm terrible at picking girls.(I think that's the same thing). It's either girls leading me on or them not having enough time. Them telling me they only wanna stay friends or not feeling ready. I know that it's not always the girl's fault but I hate being trying to invest in a relationship and looking for something more and then ending up with crap.

Please someone, anyone, share with with me your opinions, experiences...


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  • I totally understand what you're talking about. I'm 18 and literally never actually held hands with a guy that wasn't a friend or been asked on a date. For a really long time I seeked a serious relationship with someone close to my age and everything turned up zero. And the instances where a one in a million guy who seriously liked me, I didn't find out until he stopped fancying me:/For now I decided to let relationships take a backseat in my priorities and wait for that once in a life time oppurtunity. You shouldn't let the issue of relationships stress you out so much, after all it's the unexpected ones that you weren't seeking that turn out to be the best ones! I hope you have luck!:)


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  • Try again when you are 30.

    Serious relationships don't seem to work till then.