How to treat a girl well?

I've heard that thing too often and I don't understand as to how to treat a girl well ? ( especially in bed and during dates and stuff )

What is the logic behind treating a girl well ?

And how do you treat your girl ?

For girls , how does your boyfriend treat you ?


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  • well..these are what made me think that a guy is really into me.

    And I felt thankful for them^^

    Listening carefully. When I was talking to the guy, he stared at me nodding his head.

    Smiling a lot. Staring into my eyes..gently.

    Taking me to home(if it's not too far)/ bus stop/ subway platform...wherever he could come.

    Acting like trying to buy me sth. I like going dutch, but it made me feel he really cares me.

    Keeping touch regulary...holding a door..

    flowers(once in a while, or on a special day), little gifts sometimes..

    (of course, certain girls are money pit..)


    back hugging...ect

    In my opininon, if there's a thing that can make anyone thinks you are sweet, same on a girl.

    Plus...chivalry is not dead yet^^ sometimes...this is really nice.

    I'm there could be some cultural differences..hope my comments help:)

    could you answer my question, please?


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  • protip:

    -dont abuse her

  • treat girls like crap, it works and its the only way to avoid the friendzone

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