Being flaky already?!

So I started going to this sports club in October, and I'm usually the only girl there. I hooked up with a guy from the club about a week ago in a social event, and I end up going back to his dorm room and stayed for the night. The next morning I cooked him a meal, and he found me on Facebook the next day telling me that he now owes me one. So I texted him on Sunday (since he gave me his number on Facebook and he doesn't have mine), there's been a few texts going back and forth until Wednesday. I texted him again Friday night and this afternoon (Saturday) and he replied to the one in the afternoon saying his phone died and he's sorry he can't do dinner tonight (which we agreed on Sunday that he's making me dinner on Saturday but didn't say what time), and he asked if I go to the city often other than having classes. I replied and asked if he'd like to go to a free meal organised by the local church, and there's no response from him.

Right, my rant is over, and basically, he cancelled on the "first date" and not responding to my invitation. What's your verdict?


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  • If a girl asked me to go to a church event, I wouldn't likely respond either. He's either not interested any further or he's busy. It's your call since you know all the details.

    • yeah, church events are a terrible idea.. unless you're both super religious

  • alright, it's only halfway through November, it's not easy to make all these plans straight away so waiting for him to tell you would be your best bet. I say wait two weeks and then get in contact with him, if he doesn't reply after that then cut all contact with him and show him what he's missing.

    *tip - the reason he might not be contacting you could be low credit or internet down, you should probably find out before starting any trouble*


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