Acting interested, but not clingy

how do you act interested and all, but not clingy?

girls: when does a guy become "clingy/desperate". what are some of the things he will do that makes you feel this?

ps with your crush, not at a bar with someone you just met


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  • I can not stand clingy guys, texting constantly or getting upset if not responding (that's desperate). but here's a strange twist, as much as I don't like clingy guys if my crush texted or messaged me on Facebook or asked me in person to hang out I would be pleased. that's not clingy. also be flirty, tease her, make her laugh. also talk about how busy you are with your life, so that she knows your life won't revolve around hers..dont worry about coming off as clingy if she's interested and smiling at you ;)

    • if it were anyone but your crush texting or Facebooking or asking to hang with you in person, would it be a different story? surely asking once of the occasional conversation through text is acceptable even if they aren't your crush right? and thanks for the extra tips, have any more?

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    • you'll start to find opportunities in things she says, for example she says "i really want to see that movie" ..then you say, "oh yeah it seems good, we should go see it haha" something like that get it? to show that you care isn't taking things slow. if she show's interest then its not clingy if you ask her out. its only clingy if you constantly text her or message her, and text her again without her responding to the first text.. give her space as well. overall no bugaboo

    • thanks for the advice. I will use what you have said and will see how things go

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  • When I have just left his house and he texts me to say he can still smell me and misses me and to come back. He's is then becoming a little to clingy for me.


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