Guys, would you tell a girl that...?

Guys, would you just tell a girl "We should get together sometime soon and go out" or "Would you be interested in going to a movie and dinner?" if you weren't interested in her? Like would you say it to be nice or because you liked her? Also, would you pay for something of hers if you were just friends? Thanks!


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  • I would kindly tell in the most polite way that I know that I am not interested in her romantically because I do not want to lead a girl on and then abandoning her thinking that I like her when I really don't even if she does have a nice personality. I would rather do this because doing what you mentioned to in my opinion really isn't what a person that romantic lover or even a friend would do to that specific person. I hope my answer can help and great question! :)

  • He probably wouldn't ask you out if he wasn't interested. It's not complicated - don't over-analyze it please.


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