Guys buying girls drinks at bars; what is your thoughts on this ritual?

Guys buying drinks at bars is something that we ALWAYS portrayed in movies, on TV, in books, etc.

When I became 21 and was able to LEGALLY drink , I started to question this ritual.

Do I buy a girl a drink to introduce myself?

Do I buy a drink after I talk to her? How long do I talk to her until I buy her a drink?

If I don't buy a girl a drink at all, how does that make me look in her eyes? Will she automatically lose interest because I didn't buy her a drink?

How much of an advantage TRULY IS, in buying a girl a drink at the bar? Am I bribing her with her money? Will she feel obligated to talk to me JUST BECAUSE I bought her a drink?

With the feminist era, women are able to provide for themselves, so is buying a woman a drink an outdated ritual?


See how complicated this is? I can't be the only one that thinks this way.

Share your thoughts about this ritual. Feel free to be detailed to explain your thoughts in full detail. Just PLEASE break up your response into paragraphs. :)

Anonym is allowed.

I know I tend to ask probing ?'s lol.

Thanks for your input, everyone. 8-)


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  • A ritual for tools. If you want to waste all your money on women you just met then do it.


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  • guys buy girls drinks because its easier to take a girl home after she's had a few drinks and loosened up. so really he's doing that for his own benefit so why does the feminism come into play? women have to make things "equal" for guys to f*** them now? lol

  • haha, this is reason why I never bring my purse when I go out lolz. I think that it's nice flirty ritual and I like when guys buy me drinks.

  • I prefer a guy to NOT buy me a drink, unless he's my actual date. I feel like guys only buy drinks to try to buy a girl's attention (or worse, thinking she'll owe him sexually if he does). A lot of times, like you said, a girl feels obligated to talk to a guy she has no interest in if he buys her a drink. Now, if you are with a group of people, buying a round of drinks (and having the others also do so), is a standard practice.

  • I would like it. I like to feel dominated and taken care of. I wouldn't want him to buy it for me until we made positive eye contact or had a good conversation though.

    I'm old fashioned though.

    Now my question. What if a guy I am close with wants to take me out for drinks? What would you say his intentions are?


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  • that only works in movies like Crazy Stupid Love.

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