I have a dating profile online, should I keep it?

I have had it for a couple months and have been talking to nice guys but when it gets to the point where we are really hitting it off I stop contacting them. I just get scared and nervous of the unknown. I am scared that they will not like me after meeting me and I am nervous because I have never met someone offline before. Should I keep the profile? A very bi reason why I kinda want to delete it is because I found 2 of my cousins on it and I have watched the movie Megan Is Missing.


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  • Don't lead those poor guys on. Imagine how they feel when everything is going great and then you disappear. They will wonder what they did wrong and it will lower their self esteem. Don't harm others with your insecurities.

    • wow I am so glad you said this. I will not do this any more. I feel bad. I think I am going to message them later and let them know what is going wrong. Thank you for your input!

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