Why even bother to date anymore?

why do guys bother going through the trouble of dating anymore? out of 20 guys there's only 2 that are desired by girls so why put yourself through the trouble for nothing?


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  • Well dating is fun in general it takes time to find the right person to hit it off and cling with!

    • since when is rejection fun?

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    • If you aren't confident, why are you complaining?!?!?! Having no confidence has a glow of negativity and people don't like to around negativity. Try this: when you pass by someone you like, smile at them and FEEL confident and happy, don't fake it! I am sure these girls will smile back. That is just the first step, keep building the confidence.

    • if only it was that simple

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  • Because eventually you'll find a girl that loves you, and then it feels even better. At least when you know a girl loves you, its for you. Guys who get girls all the time never actually know if the girl is serious or just wants to be f****d. And everyone actually has someone that likes them, or is at least interested.

    • not me, no girls ever liked me

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    • Ive been given your advice before and it didn't work

    • I'm sure you didn't do exactly what I just told you. Try something new with your hair, there's a million different things you can do, and I'm positive you haven't tried all of them. How do you normally style your hair? And what kind of clothes do you wear a lot? If you answer these specifically I could help you. Or upload a picture of yourself to photobooth, and share it here. I'm sure a ton of girls would love to help you out. We're better with looks than guys are.

  • that attitude is the reason why you're still single


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