I feel I've hurt the guy.. what could I do to make things better?

This guy respected me from day one. I just wanted to find out wt his intentions were and if this relationship would turn into something serious rather than being fooled about (which was what I felt was happening) I Haven't cheated on him or owt of the sort, but basically now his ignoring me and I feel really bad about it that iv hurt him. what's the best thing I could do to help put things right?


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  • What did you do? Was it some kind of test?

    • just gave an ultimatum.. saying I need to know wer I stand with you, I don't know whther I'm your friend or someone you want a relationship with. kinda tested him aswell, about saying my parents are keen on me dating this other guy. He's always been hinting stuff at me and asking me about the future etc, which is why I was getting confused in the first place. Now feel so sh*t cos of this situation, he's not opening up to me properly. don't know what to do

    • An ultimatum sounds fine to me, you have a right to know what his intentions are. Are I'm not sure about talking about the other guy. Tests are always a bad idea in my opinion.

      Is he mad about the ultimatum or the other guy? If he is mad about your ultimatum, then maybe that is a sign that we was just fooling around and wasn't looking for commitment. When he found out he wasn't going to get away with it he lost interest.

    • not really sure, he isn't really giving anything away..the only thing I got is his behavior is aggresive towards people he knows. iv known him years, just finding his reaction odd. Should I do anything at this stage, or just leave him as its breaking me down too?

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