Ex girlfriend's friend is contacting me?

Quick situation...I dated a girl for about 3 months. We were together all the time and had a great relationship. She has major baggage...divorced, ex husband cheated on her, her mom is twice divorced, and she hates her biological father (who happened to be in a nursing home after suffering a stroke due to alcoholism at age 55...unfortunate but she said she didn't even care).

So things got awkward with her and she started to close herself to me while I was having deeper feelings for her. I became insecure and we had a fight and broke up...kind of a nasty fight and have not spoken in a month which was the night we ended it.

Now, a month later...her friend is texting me on Saturday nights to see if I am going out and what I'm doing. Even asking me if I am hooking up with women or not. Anyway, the friend just texted me last night to see what I was doing at 11 PM. It also happens to be my exes birthday weekend. This friend is not too serious of a friend of my ex but they talk. the friend is a dramatic type and very attention seeking.

What do you ladies out there think she wants?

I'll be honest...I wouldn't pass on hooking up with her if she offered.


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  • I'd ignore her.


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  • No idea really, but here are some possibilities

    - She might be asking on behalf of her friend (your ex).

    - She was attracted to you before and now that you are single she is looking for a hookup.

    - She is doing this to spite your ex. Maybe they are fighting and she wants to hookup to make your ex angry.

    • I do know that she is an easy hook up and her and my ex had a falling out while I was dating my ex but managed to have happy hour after we broke up. Mainly because my ex probably needed the attention as well.

      All three are running through my head. I would hook up with her if given the chance but I'm not gonna hunt her down.

      I will let it sit on the shelf for a week or two and then reach out.

      Any other ladies out there with 2 cents

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