It's awkward, and I need help on how to make it UN-awkward !

I sitting here with this guy I like and its a little awkward Because we don't know each other. were watching a scary movie but its still not bringing up a convo! I've trued laughing asking questions. but he is kinda shy ...and I'm not but its still hard Because he says he is awkward around girls. and I'm pretty sure he is falling asleep ! I need help ! NOW ! any advice ?!


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  • hi I am proud of you :)

    poke him and say hey I'm not done talking with you with a smile :)

    am I really that boring that you'll fall asleep on me =)

    come on don't be so shy give me a hug, I promise you'll feel better :)!

    gogogog :)!


What Girls Said 1

  • Move on. Don't get worked up over a guy who is not willing to show some initiative.