Should I just stop looking for the right guy?

a few months ago my boyfriend and I broke up and since then I have been looking every were for the right guy and it seems like every guy that I try , they just turn out to be a dead beat bumb smh. should I just stop looking?


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  • So how did you meet these dead beats in the first place? Are they just the few who asked you out in a bar? Strategy of how and where you meet the guys can make a difference.

    Meeting guys at parties where you know at least one other person and many more that you don't know is a good way to meet guys. That's one suggestion to think about.

    I can help give you some strategy to cover more ground. However, lets start by reading about what hasn't worked for you so far.


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  • I find that when you stop looking and let life happen good things happen for you. Just give it time. It will happen.

    • thanx maybe I should just let God take care of it.

    • He always does :)