Is this guy interested in me still?

I was dating this guy but then due to a misunderstanding we stop talking. The misunderstanding was because of me but after the date he sent me an offensive message. I got really angry at one stage and deleted him from Facebook. I receive a text message from him asking whether I had deleted him from Facebook and that he knew the last date we had was a disaster. What does it mean when a guy notices that you are missing from his Facebook friends?


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  • what was the offensive message?

    • He said that he deserved better and that there are other girls out there wanting to see him. He didn't want to see me.

    • sounds like he hasn't got a definite opinion about you. dating is a tricky game for both sides, feelings are precious. I think if you explain what the misunderstanding was then providing you're both willing to talk you could patch it up.

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