How do you know if you actually like somebody else after a break up?

as in, if you've broken up recently, how do you know that you actually genuinely like somebody else, or you just like them because you are subconsciously trying to fill the hole left by your ex?

I've just started casually dating this guy, who was interested in me. he wasn't even in the equation in my head until my friends keep telling me how he likes me, and now I think I kinda like him too. we went on a date and got along great, but it wasn't magnetic like it was with my ex, but at the same time, I don't want to compare the two.

anyway, I just wanna know if I'm just not rebounding.


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  • Of course you're rebounding, it would be strange if you weren't. But rebounding isn't a disease don't be afraid of it, it's the best way to quickly get over your ex. You have someone to talk too about your ex, for one thing.


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  • Your not rebounding if you are NOT

    1)Comparing him to your ex.

    2)Certainly thinking about your ex whenever you two do something.

  • If you're doing it to get over your ex, if you compare the two, if you think about your ex while your with him, more than likely you're rebounding.


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