How do I get over my intimacy block?

I can't do romance and it really annoys me. I think it's stopping me from going out and finding a meaningful relationship. I know it's stupid to say and I should just suck it up and get over it. I can see that I should do that, but of course, in reality things are never that simple.

I think, really, I had the romance laughed out of me. When I was a kid my parents always reacted to high school/ celebrity crushes as something to be mocked or seen with horror. Literally, minutes after I'd waved off my first boyfriend my parents were discussing "what if I got pregnant" in hushed tones. That was five years ago. I never bring anyone home and neither do my siblings - I have a younger brother and sister- and all the "relationships" I've had have really been short flings. I can't let myself be vulnerable or I go for guys who aren't serious. I am so afraid, in my hear I know I am, and yet to be vulnerable and to be loved by someone is something I want more than anything in the world. But I feel like I can't. I'm afraid for so many reasons and I'm sick of feeling like this. The point is, can you suggest some things that I can do to get over feeling like this? I'm a good person and I know I would have so much to offer someone if I could just get over my vulnerability/intimacy issues. Thanks!


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  • i was exactly like that. :D but... once you meet the right person, everything will fall into place. you won't have those issues anymore... I wasn't really romantic. When I met my boyfriend it was awkward because I had romance issue. He ended up bring it out of me & now I'm comfortable with being romantic/intimate with him. It comes naturally now. Don't worry :)))

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