Should I text him or not?

Background: What do you do when you went out w/a guy you didn't really know on his bday, who is a mutual friend of your friend, had a good time (this was in July), still text/call e/o, and then last night at the mutual friends party (which the guy and me were both at) I hear from his best friend that he is scared to ask me out because he doesn't want to piss off my dad if it doesn't work out btwn us (since the guy is buddies w/my dad).? My guys bff tells me (who I didn't know b4 last night) came up to me and congratualted me on something I did and I asked how he knew, and he said he knows a lot about me from my guy. I was shocked/excited. So my guys bff kept trying to push me at my guy all night and kept saying "I think you and Fred (my guy) need to go out again." and he kept saying this again and again and trying to put us close. I said well he hasn't asked and he said "it's because he's scared to piss off your dad" and I told him that was crazy and "guy like" haha. Anyway, he kept saying that he thinks me and my guy need to go out again and I started blushing/giggling and the bff was like "Ahh see there you are blushing!" and was like all excited when I remembered when our date was. I got to the party late because I went to see a movie, and my guy was like so did you enjoy seeing your movie? I really want to see it and like tugged my hair (since I was turned away from him, to get my attention). I want to be with him so bad and I just want him to go for it and not worry about my dad, so I don't know what to do.

Question: So should I text him and say "Glad I got to see you Saturday. Hope to see you soon! Have a good day" or should I just let it go? Also, would it be bad to facebook my guys best friend (the one that tried to get us to go back out again) to maybe keep me up-to-date on my guy and all?


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  • Text him :) but instead of saying hope to see you soon, be blunt and say we should hangout soon and then he should reciprocate by setting up a day and time and leave out the have a good day bit because it sounds like you're signing off and saying bye so it doesn't really give him a chance to respond. As for adding his best friend on facebook, text him first and see what happens and if he still seems way to shy then add his friend and see what's up.

    • Thank you for responding!! I am shy and I feel weird saying we should hang out soon! What if he doesn't want to? I mean I just don't want to put him in an awkward situation and I remember he is afraid to go out with me again because he is buddies w/my Dad and doesn't want my Dad to get mad if we don't work out so I have this to deal with too. :(

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    • My guy doesn't know that I know he is scared to make my dad mad. My guys bff told me so I'm kindof stuck. I sent my guy a text saiyng "glad I got to see you. hope to see you soon." He responded: "Yeah it was definitely good to see you too. We'll have to do it again soon." Does this mean a second date or get together as a party like before?

    • My guess is a party like before but I mean you can never tell for sure, guys are so tricky they say one thing but mean another even though they claim that there is no hidden meaning behind what they say and that girls over analyze everything. You not going to know anything unless you talk to him. Tell him how you feel and what you think about the situation and then you'll know what's really going on...