How do I figure him out? I need help! Dispirit! It's sort of long, but seriously!

Okay, so this guy that I used to sort of like ( but then started to think that he was a total jerk because of the new way he was starting to act, not very kindly) have been compared as a couple for about the last year or so. We always do the 'Ew! Disgusting!' thing that most people do. Anyways a few weeks ago I was walking to school and as I came to the doors I saw 'the guys' hanging out there. They all kept staring at me, and I mean Vulture eyed like. It was creepy so I just walked on. The next class I over heard saying that I and the guy that I mentioned above would totally make a cute couple. Then he saw me walk by and said really loud that the football game sucked last night. After that he sort of seemed like he was trying to avoid me, that was until band class. All he could do was seem to try to make me laugh, and I love to have a good time so he got on my good side. Then this really awkward thing happened, one time someone suggested that we start dating and he didn't say anything. I thought that he was sort of flirting lately but he wants us to start dating? But then the new kid named Rick ( who everyone knew that he was always trying flit with me to try to get this other girl jealous, anyways he started to flirt with me during math (but he is so dumb! He just expects us to give him the answers just because he doesn't feel like doing it- so he really gets on my nerves) and the guy that I am taking about (let's call him Fred) looked really mad at me for the rest of the day. I was starting to hate Rick right then, it wasn't because I had feelings fir Fred, it was because he was getting people mad at me, and I hate when people get mad at me for no reason. Since then him and let's say Chris have Ben hanging out with me and my two girlie friends. The only problem is that Chris and say Alex like each other so they play tag. Fred and let's say Lilly used to go out and now he has decided to start play tag too. The only thug is that he's to ruff and he actually tackles Lilly onto the ground. I always see him looking to see what my reaction is. Fortunately Alex does all the yelling and all I have to do is help Lilly up and laugh along with them (they're giggle girls- they laugh at almost everything). I think that he's trying to make me jealous which in my opinion is really stupid. If he wants to see if I like him that way, he's going to get nothing in return. I don't get all mad and I don't get all happy I just get a little mad and then I'm normal. Is this right? What would you do? But I'm starting to think that he actually is crushing on Lilly, which I'm cool with but every now and then it seems like he's avoiding me and then just wanting to hang out all of a sudden. I don't know what to do. I need help! Like I said before, I'm more of a tomboy so I'm not good at flirting and reading boys. It you have any advice or experience please help me out. Oh! And sorry for it being so long, you just need to know the full story for it to make sense. Thanks! ;P

¬°OMGosh! Fred tackled Lilly and she smacked her head on the ice and fainted! He hasn't touched Lilly at all since then, and let me tell you I was sorta scared! Alex kept giving him crap and he kept looking at me like he wanted to hug me- but I was pretty mad too, this time he just pushed it to far

Am I being to harsh? Sold I be more harsh? Help?
Haha today one of my tomboy friends hung out with us and its really icey hear, so we were slipping and sliding and actng like ideots lol. Anyways let's call this friend of mine Kelly (I know- girlie name). So like I said- we were fooling around when Chris and Fred came and hung a round. Chris and Alex have been playing tag for about a month straight so we're used to it. Anyways I found out that Lilly likes a guy named Ryan from band, fine with me. Read the next update I ran out of room lol
So Kelly teases the guys and gently pushes them around. I also heard from another friend lets call her Jen, that Kelly has a major crush on Fred. I never really believed it but okay. Anyways she had pushed Fred into Lilly, which got him a kick in the shins, so he was going to tickle her because she's very ticklish and she grabbed his shoulder and tripped him! It was hilarious! Then he got all pink ( she's not very athletic, strong, actually has the size of a 9 yr. Old) READ THE NEXT UPDATE!


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  • If you feel like you might still have feelings for this guy, you should try looking into it more and see what kind of things he dies around you. Does he stare at you heaps? Looks uncomfortable a times around you? Also if he always checks for your reaction when tackling lily and stuff, it could mean that he wants to know how you feel towards him as well.. Some guys think it's the best way to get a girl, making them jelly and seeing for a reaction. But personally If the guy I like does thus, I'd just ignore and pretend that I didn't see and don't care.. So yeh.. :)

    • Thank you so much for your advice I really apreciate it :)

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    • :) so um maybe if he steals glances of you a lot.. Of hr looks at you in a particular wag, different if how he looks at others..And sometimes maybe even if he tries listening on your conversations with friends.. Maybe if he always tries and be around you etc etc.. But guys are reallyy confusing.. Argh. Could you please answer mine? I'd realllyyy appreciate it? :)


    • Sure deal

      Um at times he seams to try to avoid me and others he wants to talk a lot :$

      I don't really notice how he looks at me, I've never had a boyfriend or anything so I don't know what to look for

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