I have lost all hope in dating. What to do next?

All my girlfriends think I am the greatest, cutest smartest guy. They ALL want to hook me up with their girlfriends. Problem is, they know I won't like any of their girlfriends. Maybe I am clearly out of their league?

Next, I meet tons of woman all the time! Many of them blow me off after giving me a phone number. Many do not even let me talk to them. I recently checked out dating websites. It seems the only people who check dating websites are older woman with kids and no job or a not good job. Their are plenty of hot woman, but I do not think they read many emails or give guys a chance. It is just another way for woman to reject you?

*I think these are the same woman that blew off guys like me 10 years ago.

The current area I live in has barely anyone on my age group. I live in a college town. I am 26 and a graduate student. The girls my age either do not go out or are married.

The only girls that do give me attention are very young girls. Ages 18-20 at the oldest. Honestly, the maturity factor and social difference is waayy too vast.

Any suggestions anyone?

btw, even when I lower my standards I do not meet anyone!


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  • wow you sound pretty narcissistic. maybe when you get over yourself, they'll start calling back.

    • thanks? So you are telling me girls don?t like confident guys? Or girls don?t like successful guys?

      thats right, your wrong

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    • me being a girl has nothing to do with my dates calling me back. I've been on bad/boring dates before where we didn't click and neither I or my date contacted again.

      i have to say, maybe you should really think about how you come across to your dates. even if you don't outright brag, maybe you might come across as more arrogant than you mean (because you sure did in your question). or maybe you just didn't click with the girl, and that happens. but I'm not surprised they didn't tell you what

    • you did wrong, because that is an awkward awkward conversation to have. I say move on to the next girl. you'll click with one of them eventually.

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  • You say you meet women all the time, then you might wanna evaluate how your personality is coming across to them. It could be how you approach them and talk to them. I personally think you view yourself higher than a lot of women, definitely not good.

    • From talking to people about my personality, they like it and I a well loved.

      Regarding woman, all of my female friends love me, think I am sexy and wonder why I am single.

      most of the girls I meet are either shocked that I came up to them, or have a boyfriend and still give me their number or Facebook.

      but...you might be right. Though I strongly feel against that.


    • You said that they blow you off right? So there's something wrong from the time you get the number and the time they blow you off, that time is when you are approaching. It has to be something right?

    • yup, HAS TO be something.

      I either get blown off by the girl, before she gives me a chance to talk

      before I say anything she tells me she is busy and has to go.

      Or they give me the number..I call and say hello, they sound interested And then they flake on a meeting we set up...Or they say they are busy and text them or call back another time...and they never pick up or reply to text.