Relationships and a (female) partner's job

How important is a girl / woman's career and income

when it comes to relationships?

Because this is personally the impression I'm getting:

if you don't have much ambition career-wise

then you aren't an interesting person.

As if a person's qualities (such as: sincerity,

kindness and sense of humor)

weren't the most important assets to a person's worthiness!

Surely, one doesn't love another person because of their job,

how many friends they have or how fashionable they are...

am I the only one who feels like this? And what are your views?

Thank you all for reading!


Most Helpful Guy

  • ambition =/= desire for career and money. that stuff is easy to get, its just paint by numbers. what about ambition for things that are more ethereal and a great deal more valuable then the best paying career. so I guess I would say a career is at the bottom of the totem pole of desirable traits in a mate, I want someone who wants a great deal more out of life then comfort.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Not very for me. I know where I'm going, as long as I like her and she is a little feisty and playful, then I don't care if she does a standard job, a great job or is a housewife. As long as I can actually spend alone time with her and like it.

  • if I had to pick someone who was either is a work-a-holic vs. a person who just sits at home and literally does nothing then I would pick the work-a-holic hands down.

    I wouldn't think twice

    I think having ambition is a very attractive quality


What Girls Said 2

  • Only important for the woman so she doesn't get bored maybe?

  • It's becoming more and more important in a serious relationship. Men, like women, want a comfortable life for their family. Having no ambitions means you'll always be broke and expecting your man to pay for the home and bills on his own.