Where do you go to find women who like men?

My whole life I've been trying to find women who like men. I always wanted to french kiss a girl but never found any girls who want to do this. I've always wanted to have sex but girls think that they are sluts if they do this so its impossible. Wear do you find women who like to kiss and have a physcila relationship with a guy. I'm 34 and I am tired of looking .


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  • There are plenty of women like that. I think maybe women just don't want to do those things with YOU either that or all you're finding are extremely relgious girls.

    • Oouch. Don't rip both his balls off at once.

    • I should have worded it better. I take that back that was a little brutal. its just that most girls are doing these things so I don't see how he's not finding women who "like men". there are girls who are "liking men" in high school so he's 34 and claims he can't find that?

    • They don't like me? But I am always polite to girls. maybe there is something wrong with me. I feel so lonely. I'm tired of looking for a girlfriend. why is this so hard. I've asked out tons of women.wear do you find women that want men?

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  • French kiss a girl and you can't find any that want to. Wow. you can't find any girl to have a physical relationship with. You must be looking in the wrong places.


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  • Are you living in a convent? Damn, even the Hunchback of Notre Dame got kissed before 34.

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