Why are my friends such jerks?

I have less than 200 friends on Facebook, yet I never get someone asking me if they want to hang out, Its always I that has to initiate. Now I don't care if I ask people out first, but sometimes its really frustrating if it is ALWAYS me. Do they really forget to remember me when they hang out? Don't say "they are busy" because everyone is programmed to be social. therefore there must always time to hang out. seriously it seems now a days the world revolves around having a lot of "connections" and the less connections you have, the less happy one person probably is at life. I am tired of always having to make the first move. WHY isn't it the other way around?


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  • one close friend is better then 200 nonclose friends...i have one close friend and we do everything together...believe me having connections isn't always as great as people say. put it this way would you be happier if you had one friend who asked you to hangout all the time and you asked him too or would you rather have 200 "friends" that aren't really your friends and who don't ask you because your not as important to them? If you want to be happy find someone you connect with as a good friend...someone who shares your interests and you will be happy, you don't need a lot of friends to be happy.

    • i agree that it just takes one close friend to make up for all the other non close friends but I still can't help to think that things like Facebook & other social media makes it seem like the more friends you have, the popular/likable person you are/ the important you are in the social world. what do you think?

    • bro Facebook an illusion. 2 years ago I used to have over 1000 friends on Facebook. I deleted my account. Now I have only 50 friends, but close friends. I like it more this way. I do more things with them than with 1000 friends I had. I've got pending over 100 friend requests but ill never accept these.

    • people add you because they want to SEEM popular...i don't know how many friends I have on Facebook...i add whoever requests me, but I'll tell you I only talk to three of the people on there...aside from my family...dont get depressed over Facebook people who care about how many friends they can have over the internet were the "popular" ones in school who 9 times out of 10 don't go on to do anything usefull with their lives, they are the people who you see go to their old schools football games

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  • I think that's an everyone thing sometimes people just don't want to ask because they feel like they are bothering the other person. (or at least I do). but who knows really. I don't think it has anything to do with you personally. if your not shady.

    • I think people should take more chances and make the first move instead of staying inside the "safe bubble" and only hanging out with the same "2~3" friends.

    • true.

  • Do you have friends who like to do the same things as you? That's a biggie. I have some friends I drink with, some friends I talk about books with, some friends I play sports with, etc.


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  • Dunno dude. Quite whining and do something about it.

    • didn't you read what I wrote?. I always make the first move. I'm asking why don't I receive the same appreciation other than "I am so busy". id say no one is too busy to not hang out because humans cannot live without being social.

    • InAmberClad117 - +1! Straight to the point!

    • I'm not talking about who asks to hang out. It's about what you do when you're hanging out. -_-

  • well maybe because 1) you need to change your social circle

    2) you need to change yourself (maybe when you hang out its always about YOU, YOU and again YOU)

    3) be more interesting ( do what you like to do the most... people usually notice other happy individuals and stick around them.)

    P.S. being a leader was never a bad thing. What you are doing right now will help you in a long-term.

    • How can you expand/change your social circle if your not given the opportunity to hang out? Like what if I want to hang out with someone who I didn't known for a long while, but I want to take the time to get to know them?

    • You always have an opportunity to expand your social circle. Just do what you love the most and you will meet people who have the same interests as you.

      For example, you want to get to know Mary. Mary likes Ice skating. Say that you saw an ice skating show last night and decided to learn how to ice skate or that you love ice skating too and ask what she is doing next Friday or Saturday.

    • no don't change yourself.

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