Cute first kiss story?

Does anyone out there have a cute first kiss story? How old were you? Were you scared/shy? Lol jw


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  • lol mine was when I was 6. I hated going to camp, but my mom made me go anyway I would switch camps every year, and run into the same kid Chris at every camp, long story short we became buddies.

    One day we were on the playground and me, him, and his friend were playing tag. He said he was gonna give me a kiss, then I ran away, hit a dead end and they caught me. I got that kiss. Then his friend kissed me too lol. XD

  • no I can't seem to remember my first kiss but I have alwasy been shy to giv the first kiss lol what about you do you remember your first kiss?

    • Haha yeah my first kiss was in a barn. My boyfriend and I decided to spend the day there. We were dancing and he kissed me. I thought it was really cute (:

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    • Lol cute, kindergarten kisses are adorable

    • ahaha yea