How can I not be an annoying boyfriend?

guys and gals, any tips to give me regarding how not to be an annoying boyfriend?

what if being myself means texting or calling her like, a lot? I want to do that but I'm thinking it might get annoying if I do it too much? but how much is too much?


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  • 1.) Don't be overly clingy - let her do her own thing and find your own stuff to do while she's busy

    2.) Don't tell her what to do.

    3.) Don't guilt trip her in order to try and convince her to hang out with you instead of her friends

    4.) Don't talk crap about her friends

    5.) Treat her as an equal, ask her opinion, listen to what she has to say

    6.) Respect her

    most importantly

    7.) RESPECT YOURSELF - have your own life, your own interests, your own opinions, because that makes your more interesting :) good luck!

    • i agree with you on that

    • would you think its weird that I don't sit next to her in class? she sits next to her friends and I sit next to my own...

  • be yourself.


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