What would be good for the first date??

I'm in high school and I'm going to ask this girl out and I was wondering where I should take her. Extra info: I can drive and going somewhere outside might not be great because it's freezing where I live already. What experiences have you had that I should try? Thanks


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  • You could go ice skating at an indoor rink. It's the perfect place to talk while being active and having fun, and if she's not very good at it, it's a good time to hold her hand or her waist to help her keep her balance! :)

    Bowling could be fun, or going to an arcade.

    You could go to the mall, or you could go to a second hand shop like Goodwill and look around and try on some crazy clothes! lol.

    Movies are nice when they are at home. You could rent one, and then cuddle up on the couch with some hot cocoa and snacks. :)

    You could even stay at home and play video games or board games or something.

    Just do something entertaining, so there is something to talk about and have fun with the whole time.


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  • Depends what you have around. Personally I love to go rollerskating, bowling, go karting, etc. Keep it active and make sure it is something you both enjoy or else it gets boring and awkward. Also keep it fun and light. Since it is a first date do something you would do with your friends. Best bet would be to ask her what she likes to do and go from there since everyone likes different things. Hope this helps and have some fun.

  • This hasn't happened to me but these are that I would like:

    -watching a movie(but not at the theater, just rent movies or something)

    -playing in the snow

    -teaching her how to do something (i.e. archery)

    -going to an arcade/fair

    -getting kicked out of walmart (haha seriously)

    -going to breaking dawn, making fun of the fans, and probably getting kicked out

    -have a nerf gun war

    -going to a museum

    -volunteering (the animal shelter, soup kitchen, etc)

    -and you can never go wrong with adding hot cocoa in!

    ^Just date ideas in general. Depends on the girl, not all girls would like to do all of these things obviously. Also, it would probably work better if you just said "Do you want to hang out or do you want to do something this Saturday?" to keep it a surprise. Good luck! :)

  • Bowling, movies, aquarium ha ha idk.

  • stick with the classics. mall or movies

  • I wish I guy would ask me out...XD


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