How to change it up?

My boyfriend and I always hang out in his basement and watch movies together. The movie thing is "our thing" but it's the same all the time. We watch the movie with my head on his chest or lap and holding hands. I wanna switch up the ways we sit/lay to watch the movie any ideas? I also need new ideas for stuff to do at his house instead of just watch movies. Ideas? Help please


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  • Repetition leads to habit formation. And routine and habits can be really monotonous which sucks out romance from even once fun activity. You can think about a candle light dinner, make it an evening where both of you interact with each other without the distraction of movie as communication is one of the key foundation stones of any relationship.

    While as it sounds like you guys have a lot of non-verbal communication as you lay with your head on his chest, holding hands. Also I don' t know about both of you but I do enjoy outdoors. There are million options when you guys decide to do things outdoors.

    You can also plan on playing video games if either of you can enjoy it as it's more interactive then passive reception mode you are forced into by watching a movie.

    I would strongly recommend to even consider an activity like working out together or doing something outdoors.

    Good luck and hope you find a few things to change it up a bit.


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  • Sex is always good with a movie ...