First aid for the first date?

Just some thoughts of a friend of mine and me. what's the best way to rescue some real horrible first date.

Imagine you got this total silent moment, both parts feel uncomfortable but there is nothing to say...

We thought about a honest sentence like "Hey, we made it! Now we are both in this creepy situation of silence, from now on, it just can go on better!" (with a smile)

What are your baddest situation and how do you may escape them? Or better ideas?

Greetings to all (:


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  • If the date is going horribly, usually it's a good idea to take a bunch of excuses with you. I will mainly just say something like, hey, my friend just text me, they're in a bit of trouble and asked if I can pick them up, so I have to go now. (Obviously always make sure it sounds real) haha.

    • Also this is a personal favourite, if you've been there for a while it's OK to say, "wow time flies! I should really get home, it's getting late." *runs away haha

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  • personally I am just outgoing, so I say whatever is on my mind. haha

  • prepare lots of question in advance for situations like that. doesn't even have to be related questions, but just anything to jump start the conversation


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