Guys, do I text after I said I would?

So I thought this guy liked me after he gave me his number. It's a long story but I will cut it short. Basically I told him I would text him tomorrow for him to make me a guestlist for this club (Honestly I was just using that as an excuse to talk to him). He said that was cool. Anyway turns out he doesn't like me, I can tell because he's always vague in his texts, and defensive against anything that leads to relationship kind of conversations. So I thought about it and don't actually want to text him now because there really is no point, he's vague anyway and to me it across like I'm bothering him, Anyway, the question is, Is it OK if I don't text him or is it rude if I don't because I actually said I would. I don't want to make things awkward because I bump into him at the gym and we talk there every now and then.


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  • You said you would. Do it. Keep your word.

  • Sounds like you are already texting him, what am I missing?

    • Yeah sorry, I tried to cut a long story short so I get that you may not be getting it. Well yes I already had text him before and ended the conversation by saying I would text tomorrow but this was before I came to the conclusion that he didn't like me. So now I don't want to text him but I said I would so I don't know what the best thing to do is, to text or not?

    • Don't text him. I think you're dying to text him, even more now that he seems uninterested by you. Girls can't stand a guy not wanting them when tons are ready to kiss their ass. He's uninterested and he doesn't give a f*** about you texting or not, believe me.

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