Rude to bring your pal along?

So, my guy friend wants to hang out.. He's a couple years older than me, and we haven't hung out in FOREVER. My friends & my guy friend mean a lot to me, so I wouldn't want my friend to be a third wheel.. But I'd also hate to be rude to my guy friend as well.

Should I bring my single friend with me.. Or my other friend & her boyfriend?

If I bring the couple along, does it seem like I'm implying I want a relationship?

I wish so bad I could go alone, but my mom is protective of me and I can't. -.-"


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  • I don't know if the same implies since you're younger, but I'll tell you anyway. I was in the same situation hadn't seen this girl I was extremely interested in for a while, I made plans for us to hang out alone, then on the day of the plan she let me know that she was bringing some friends along (while I was driving to our destination). Anyway long story short, we had a great time she tried to make plans for all of us to hang out again I tiptoed around the idea, since then I haven't tried to make any plans with her and we've only texted a few times. Bringing friends along at the last minute is rude if it was supposed to be a 1 on 1 thing and there is nothing that shows more disinterest than that. However, you are younger and still in high school so I don't think the same implies, it's just good to know for later on.

    • Thanks. c: And I would never invite him at the last minute. xP And I'll ask him if it's okay and stuffs.

  • ah OK , I was going to suggest just go alone untill I read that last thing :p

    well thing is when you bring the couple you imply it a little bit , and it will give you more connection to him , you'll get more occasion to talk to him

    when you bring your friend he will feel a little bit left out , as you and your friend will probably talk about things he doesn't know of , on the other hand , do you want to connect him with your single friend ?

    • I know.. It sucks. ;/

      I know he won't go after my single friend. I know that for sure. She's got a boyfriend, but isn't able to go places with him, so yeah.. I just considered her single. Dx

      I'm just in a huge dilemma and I need to see him before he leaves for the army next year.

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    • Thank you so much! I surely will! I don't think he sees me as ever being in a real relationship with him.. But I think he wants alone time. :D So thank you1!

    • No problem :D here to help isn't it :D

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