Why does he text me when he's feeling down or to randomly say good morning or good night?

we broke up after 3 1/2 years... he got a gf... they broke up... we started messing around again and then he went and got another gf.. I don't feel like being his booty call so I told him we shouldn't talk or text anymore... we don't talk on the phone and we don't text.. but he randomly sends me good morning and good night texts and he texts me when he's feeling down.. wtf o.0 isn't that what the gf's for?


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  • He still wants some type of relationship with you.


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  • wow you have two kids at age 19 dammm.

    • yes. . . and I'm doing a damn good job as a mother

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    • umm.. I'm not sure.. but def not any time soon

    • oh how are you doing a good job, do you have your own house hold, cause two kids are a lot of work for someone your age, most people are age aren't suppose to stress like that

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  • I agree with Stacyzee. He is contacting you for a reason and apparently does not want you out of his life.