Another Internet love story...Need opinions !

I met a guy on the internet living in another country but not too far from where I live. we've been talking on the internet for almost one year starting just casual became very very close friends even if we never met. We had a lot in common similar jobs ( very crazy schedules because of our work ). Almost every night talking togheter relaxing after stressful days.

We end up knowing so much about each other exchange pics and stories everything. Getting a bit romantic togheter. etc.

One time he left for 1 month without telling me where he went. Then he came back said it was because of his work. He said he missed me a lot and he thought of me all the time.

The days after he came back were more intense because while he was gone I tried to forget him but when he came back I fell for him even stronger. He really seemed sincere when he said he missed me etc. We spent the next days talking everyday again. He mentionned he went close to where I live for his work and he thought about contacting me. We were clearly at the point where we needed more than just voice, mails and pictures.


Ok so here's the weird part !

He disapeared for the second time 2 months ago. No goodbye no nothing. Last messages I have is us goofing around telling nice things nothing different than usual.

First weeks I thought I would wait for him but now I feel like if he really liked me he would have contacted me.

Could he just have lost interest for some strange reason? Could he just have decided to stop this relationship even after one year of talking almost everyday to someone?

I would just like to know what you think it could be ?

I have a life I have friends and I have dates but sometimes I think back on this guy I never met and I wonder what happened to him..?

thx for answering :)


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  • I would I've in and choose a person in real life. His disappearing acts are a huge red flag. Beside you don't REALLY know a person unless you have a personal and face to face relationship. This has drama written all over it. Trust me not worth the gamble you are taking. Don't go looking for it. Be smart and think with your head and not with your heart