New to dating again not sure how often guy should be calling me

so I'm divorced and kinda new to the dating game still. talking to really nice guy, but we don't communicate that much in between dates...but it's only been four dates...when we do communicate it's great...and he always makes sure to make plans with me at the beginning of the week for the weekend (except once when we hung out on a Thursday because he worked Saturday). anyway, I know I'm not supposed to listen to friends, but they keep telling me it's ridiculous he doesn't call and text me everyday...i feel that it's ok...when we are together we talk and laugh for hours and we have great chemistry...he's sweet. but they say well sure he may like you but if he really thought of you as anything other than time-filler whie he waits for better girl, he'd be calling everyday. I kinda flipped out on them, but now am wondering if they are right. am I just overly trusting, or am I right to feel that texting and/or calling just a few times a week at this point is appropriate and does not mean he isn't thinking about me as a potential future girfriend? isn't this what dating is supposed to be like? anyway, if people can chime in and let me know if I'm on the right track or if my friends are right, that would be great. the guy and I are both divorced in case that changes anything lol...thanks!


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  • if its working for you guys why let a 3rd party rain on your parade? there is no correct answer to how often he calls other then the right mount for your relationship to work smoothly for the both of you. also you are welcome to contact him if you feel you need to.

  • he should call as often as you would like.

    so express your need for communication and he can choose to satisfy it by increasing his rate of calls.

    this can be an indication whether he is willing to satisfy your needs in the long term.


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