He doesn't like me? Should I give up him?

1, Me and he met on the internet 2 years ago.

2, I always talk to him when he is online but he doesn't talk to me when I am online.

3, He tries to get my virginity but he tries not to spend Christmas and New year with me.

4, He and me live far but he asks me to visit him before Christmas.

How many people think him a playboy? Should I visit him or not?


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  • Probably married. Problem #1. taking a guy seriously you meet on the Internet.

    Oribekn /#2, He doesn't even know you and wants to have have sex

    Problem #3,3. Unavailable on holidays, almost certainly married.

    Problem #4. You're ignoring real guys while you play with this guy who is probably some kind of a pervert, may have even voted for Obama. Could be a playboy or something much worse.


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  • Sounds like a jerk. I'd have nothing to do with him.


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  • No, let him come to you if anything. It sounds like he's just trying to have sex with you since he's not making an effort to talk to you/see you. Leave it be, you deserve A LOT better. If you do meet up with him, DON'T have sex with him until he proves to you that he is into you and makes and effort to show it.

  • he clearly has no interest in taking things seriously, so don't bother with him.

    if he was interested, he wouldn't make you come to him, he would initiate conversations with you, he would want to spend time with you.

    ur answer is in your headline (just rearranged a bit).

    "He doesn't like me. I should give him up."

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